Building a flexible and vivacious group company

      1. Clear accountability and close cooperation   

      We need to exchange and share information and experiences within the company for the better expansion and development of our business while increasing the overall synergistic effect of the company. The responsibilities and duties of Daikin Group and its subsidiaries should be adjusted flexibly according to the changes of different periods and the characteristics of each entity. Under this premise, all the subsidiaries need to follow the business principles and concepts of the group company, improving their capabilities and fulfilling their responsibilities towards the same direction. In the meantime, the subsidiaries should propose new suggestions to contribute to the overall development of the whole group. Subsidiaries are very familiar with the business environments in the local country and region. Therefore, under the direction of the group’s basic policy, Daikin Group and its subsidiaries should share the frontline business information through open communication, and also should operate their business flexibly and independently on this basis. 


      2. Encouraging each other for mutual improvement

      It is required to build up a cooperative relationship with our clients, suppliers and partners in manufacture, sales and research, with a careful yet friendly attitude. In our opinion, “a cooperative relationship” is defined as a stable relationship for satisfaction with each party’s expectation and mutual development through encouraging each other while contributing their individual opinions with complete trust.